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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Information About Horseback Nature Tour?

Horseback Nature Tours take about 30-40 minutes.

Our horses are very calm, our grooms accompany you on foot throughout the tour and also hold your horse if necessary.


It immortalizes this moment by taking your photos with your mobile phone during the tour.

We have tours between 10:00 and 19:00 7 days a week.

For the safety of the participants and our horses, the tours are made in the form of walking, the horses are not run.  Do not forget to look at the tour photos from the gallery.

Membership Required?

Our facility is open to everyone, we have no membership or entrance fee.

Where is your location?

We are on the side of the Uluabat Lake on the İzmir road side. You can see our location on the map on the contact page.

We are 25-30 minutes away from the center of Bursa.

I do not have a private vehicle, how can I come?

You will take the Akçalar bus, which departs next to the university metro station. You reach the maples in 15 minutes.

Give us information on the contact number while you are on the road, and we will pick you up with a private vehicle from Akçalar. Our friend on the phone will guide you where to get off.

Can I Get Information About Equestrian Training?

Riding trainings are given between Tuesdays and Sundays. In order to participate in the trainings, there is a limit of 80 kilos for 5 years and older.  

Classes take about 30-40 minutes, depending on your level and the topic of the day.

After taking an average of 20 courses, you can get your athlete license by taking the license exam.

After getting your license, you can buy your own horse and get advanced training and become a professional athlete.  

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